Renault Russia will share their plans about further localization of production and creating an industrial park
06.10.2016 Renault Russia will share their plans about further localization of production and creating an industrial park

The company executives of Renault Russia (a Russian company, a part of Renault Group) will take part in International business conference In-Russia-2016, which will take place 14 October 2016 in Moscow in Conference Centre Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy. Presentation of a Deputy General Director in Renault Russia Tatiana Redko is confirmed in InRussia-2016 business program. The speech will focus on the plans of creating an industrial park on the territory of a Renault plant in Moscow. Association of industrial parks has expressed its readiness, if requested, to provide Renault Russia with methodological and organizational assistance in creating a specialized industrial park. The negotiations are planned to be held at the Conference 14 October 2016, where among the confirmed industrial companies is Schlumberger, Schneider Electric, Alstom Russia, DoorHan, Интерскол, REHAU, Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH, ISKRATEL and many others. Renault Russia Renault Russia is a Russian automotive company, which was created as a co-venture of Renault and the Moscow City Government and by the end of 2012 has completely been bought by the French corporation. Renault is the largest investor to an automative industry in the Russian Federation. More than €650 million was invested in automobile production in Moscow for all the period of collaboration and more than €1,5 billion in Russian industry in general. Renault plant in Moscow is a full-cycle plant, where a welding, painting and assembly shop operates. Nowadays Renault Duster, Renault Kaptur and Nissan Terrano (for Renault – Nissan Alliance partners) are full-cycle assembled at Renault Moscow plant. Using capacity of JSC «AvtoVAZ» 2-nd generation of Renault Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway is produced. Renault industrial project in Russia presupposes large-scale integration of production. Today a share of Russian auto components in Renault vehicles produced on the territory of the Russian Federation is one of the largest – 63,8 % under the contract signed by consortium of AvtoVAZ-Renault-Nissan-«Izh-Auto» and KAMAZ-Mercedes an agreement on industrial assembly. High level of models localization is reached by wide diversity of stamped elements of a motor-car body. InRussia-2016 international business conference New formats of localization, modifications in the system of procurement and governmental supervision, searching for reliable partners for conducting business in Russia – all these and many other issues will be discussed 14 October in Moscow during InRussia-2016 business conference. The event is held on the initiative of Association of industrial parks of Russia (AIP) and leading business-unions as Association of European Businesses (AEB), Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS, AHK, Confindustria Russia and others. Among the conference audience there is international business and domestic interlocutors represented by authorities, development institutes and potential partners – domestic business, interested in collaborative projects with international partners. Through participation in the Conference businessmen plan to find business-partners or to express their readiness to cooperate with them in issues of localization of production, commodity and component parts supply, contract manufacturing in Russia, technological exchange, establishment of co-enterprises and other issues of business development in Russia. Key organizing format of the Conference is going to be networking between foreign members and potential Russian partners. On the conference platform are provided various opportunities for making appointments, presentations and negotiations. The conference consists of three thematic clusters, relevant to industrial and R&D companies in Russia – commercial activities, production and development. An issue of modification of the system of governmental control in Russia, which has a direct impact on production activities is planned to be discussed on a plenary session «HOW YOU TRADE IN RUSSIA». The discussion will not focus on reducing technological or ecological requirements, but on a shift to a service approach in their application. The Government of the Russian Federation has already set to creating favourable treatment of governmental control and supervision. Industrial parks, in particular, would be in a position to become one of the institutes, which takes responsibility of ensuring project consistency with the demands of statutory acts. Through preparing measures investors in new enterprises will be able to count on the favourable treatment of control and supervision during the construction, commissioning and operation of objects. Within handouts participants will found very new and unique materials prepared by organizers: An investment guide on localization of production in Russia (an updated edition in English); A review of the best practices of industrial construction in Russia; A branch review «Localization opportunities in Russia" – a new English-language edition based on the annual survey «Industrial parks of Russia 2016». Now active registration of participants is in progress on the website: The organizing committee has already registered more than 300 applications. We expect up to 400 guests from 50 regions of Russia and 18 countries. Among confirmed speakers there are Philippe Pegorier - President Alstom in Russia, Member of the board of the Association of European businesses, Sergey Nazarov - Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Interskol», Frank Schauff – The CEO of the Association of European Business (AEB), Johan Vanderplaetse - Schneider Electric President for Russia and the CIS, the heads of the National Chambers and business-associations, the heads of Development Institutes of the Russian Federation and its constituent entities. Russian Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev, who supports initiative of the leading business-associations to hold «InRussia-2016» as a platform for dealing with issues of an intensive business development, partnership with domestic and international companies in the context of economic turbulence, made a welcoming address to participants of the conference. A detailed conference program is on official conference website: ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIAL PARKS (AIP) is a sectoral non-profit organization that brings together the leaders in the field of industrial infrastructure in Russia. The entire list of the Association members includes more than 125 entities, representing industrial parks in 45 regions of the Russian Federation. The Association is the owner of the Standard of Industrial Park, on the basis of which certification of industrial parks in Russia is carried out. According to AIP a number of industrial parks has increased by more than 80% for the period 2013-2016 (from 80 members to 146). Total investment in creating infrastructure of industrial parks has reached 134 billion rubles (according to 104 industrial parks) and total investment in creating new enterprises totaled 514 billion rubles. Overall ratio of attracted investments in production to the investments in infrastructure, according to aggregate data of this year, has showed even more effectiveness – a number of 1 to 7.5 rubles has been reached.

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