Exhibition of suppliers on InRussia 2017
09.10.2017 Exhibition of suppliers on InRussia 2017

A number of global corporations plan to announce about their procurement lists for 2018 during InRussia conference. McDonalds is going to announce about procurements for ₽10 billion. Among procures there are international machine-building concern GEA Group AG, McDonald’s in Russia and Japanese company SMC, world leader in the field of pneumatic technologies and a number of international companies from Japan, Germany, the USA and other countries. All interested are invited to consult procurement lists.

Participating in the exhibition enables suppliers to represent new products and technologies and also expand client base.

The benefit of this format is an opportunity to organize direct dialogue and interaction between customers and suppliers of industrial products.

During the conference a special service for searching for appropriate counterparties will be provided for industrial companies. All the meetings are arranged by preliminary confirmation till 14 of November. Suppliers will be given an opportunity of exhibition and provided workplace.    

For large marketers participation is free.

Procurement nomenclature is required.

Registration for B2B meetings is compulsory.

For suppliers:

Yana Leles

Head of International affairs and External communications projects 7 925 083 93 80, +39 388 499 7632

Julia Ilyina

Communications manager 903 554 48 49, +7 495 517 45 68

For maketers: 

Maxim Pazdnikov

Co-chairman of the Board 495 517 45 68, +7 926 101 86 54

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