Agro-Industrial Park "Siberia" is a partner of InRussia - 2017
01.11.2017 Agro-Industrial Park "Siberia" is a partner of InRussia - 2017

The Agro-Industrial Park "Siberia" is a private park created by Unipro PJSC for attracting strategic investors to the organization of energy-intensive industries at the largest state district power station in the Krasnoyarsk Territory - Berezovskaya GRES.

Agro-industrial parks are a new and extremely promising direction in industrial sector that allows to produce, to store, to recycle and package agriculture products in the same territory and to reduce significant part of expenses.

In the territory, where the park is placed, there is a high pent-up demand for agricultural products and, that is why, implementing of investment projects is extremely effective.

There are free spaces for rent or for acquisition in ownership on the territory of the park. Ready infrastructure, one of the lowest thermal energy tariffs in Russia, opportunity to use infrastructure of Berezovskaya GRES – train tracks, warehouses, sanitation, water chemical treatment objects - contributes to placing of production. Convenient transport accessibility guarantees logistics of ready products.

Regional and municipal government authorities, supporting the project of agro-industrial park, provide its residents with individual conditions of project implementation.  

In the structure of investment projects of agro-industrial parks there is a greenhouse complex, a plant of extensive processing of grain, battery farm, fish farm and flour-grinding factory.
The concept of the Agro-Industrial Park "Siberia" was developed in cooperation with the leading consultants of Ernst & Young. Representatives of the Agro-Industrial Park "Siberia" will introduce InRussia participants the concept of the park and opportunities that a park will implement. 

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